Sharia Revoiced

Sharia Revoiced

Posted On: October 27, 2015
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Shar’ia Revoiced” began as a social documentation and ethnography initiative by the University of California Humanities Research Institute that interviewed over 100 Muslims across genders and other identities of what the word Sharia means to them. In doing so, the initiative intends to restore the human element into a word too often reduced to policy and political conversations.


The video release is a culmination of that initiative. It is a result of the UCHRI team commissioning Mark Gonzales and the Institute of Narrative Growth to curate the interviews into digital content that could spark social conversation and serve as an outward facing representation of the research. Justin Mashouf directed the transformation the story arch into a compelling film short.
The final design invites digital audiences to explore the multiplicity within every sacred tradition, to use the storyline as a catalyst for social conversations, and to ensure that the stories benefit academic and public audiences alike. For as Mark Gonzales reminds us: “nearly all understanding of human identity is fueled by the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, as well as others. This is why a better world begins with a better story.”


Justin Mashouf


Storyteller & Producer
Mark Gonzales


Tarik Mahdi

Matthew WiborgProduction Assistants
Ahmad Hammoud
Navid Nima

Yara Badday
Ruman Kazi
Tarik Mahdi
Justin Mashouf

Leila Hashemi

Mural Design
Maece Seirafi

Tony Anderson

Azan Recitation
Zuhair Hussaini

Special Thanks
The UC Humanities Research Initiative
Sahar Jahani
All Interviewees
The Ancestors